1. 5 Pitfalls of Mutual Funds

    When people think of investing for their retirement and financial future, they tend to think of investing in terms of good investments and bad investments — but in reality, all investment strategies have their pitfalls. Sure, mutual funds are known to carry fewer risks than volatile stocks, but there are some caveats associated with investing in mutual funds. In today’s blog post, P.A. Berg Re…Read More

  2. Sequence of Return Risk — What You Need To Know

    If you are an experienced investor or even if you tend to just dabble in investments, the term sequence, otherwise known as return risk, is likely on your radar. As an investment advisor and financial planner in the Chicago area, P.A. Berg Retirement Solutions knows a thing or two about the sequence or risk-return — and our team is here to help you, as someone investing in their financial future…Read More

  3. Mutual Funds Or Stocks? What Should I Invest In?

    When it comes to investing, “Should I invest in mutual funds or stocks?” is a question that you want to have answered well before you put money down. In fact, there are a couple of major factors that can make it generally easy for you to decide what investment opportunity is best tailored to benefit your portfolio. At P.A. Ber retirement Solutions, we have been helping people of the greater-Ch…Read More