1. The Shiller Index Identifying Value Reducing Risk

    The Shiller Index — Identifying Value & Reducing Risk

    When it comes to financial planning for retirement people often think that the keys to planning a comfortable retirement are to save early and to save often. While yes, this is true, it is not quite so black and white, because it also matters how you save. When you plan for retirement the general idea is to make as much money as you can, and then to save it for later. While saving a little bit at …Read More

  2. There Are Hundreds Of Retirement Savings Plans — But There Is Only One Right Plan For You

    At some point in your life, you have likely been approached by someone, whether that be a friend or a family member, who had some financial advice to give you about retirement. It was likely paired with, “trust me, it worked for me!” or “I took a finance class in college, so I have a better idea than most!” At P.A. Berg Retirement Solutions, we acknowledge that there are some pretty financ…Read More

  3. Why You Should Avoid Risks In Retirement

    You probably wouldn't expect a retirement planning specialist like a registered investment advisor to tell you to avoid risks in your retirement — after all, it seems like a fairly obvious action. That being said, unnecessary risks are one of the leading causes for unforeseen issues in retirement, and as your source for retirement planning in Chicago, P.A. Berg Retirement Solutions is here to he…Read More

  4. LEGOs, Train Sets and Retirement Planning

    Do you get the same feeling I get when somebody tells you, “This is going to be easy?”  I start to think back to the boxes at Christmas that read, “Some assembly required.”  Right!  I spent hours trying to put together LEGOs, train sets, race-car tracks, and tricycles.  Okay, I am not the most mechanically gifted Boomer out there.  I got it.  But, “easy”?  Really? I am not sure …Read More