1. Top 10 Mistakes When Filing for Social Security

    While some retirees are simply uninformed, others are dangerously misinformed about Social Security. Unfortunately, when it comes to your retirement years, what you don’t know can hurt you. These misconceptions can prevent you from taking the steps that are well within your control to help maximize this important benefit. Here are 10 costly mistakes retirees often make about their Social Securit…Read More

  2. How Wall Street Infiltrated Main Street

    My Granddad was born in 1912. Twenty years later, he landed his first “real” job climbing telephone poles for the local phone company. Granddad would continue to work for the same company until his retirement in 1978. During the many years I spent with Granddad, particularly after he retired from work, I rarely heard him talk much about money. Certainly, he never talked about the Stock Market.…Read More

  3. The Biggest Need for Retirees: Income Planning

    Life changes and times change.  My grandfather never really had a concept of retirement.  When he was young, he worked hard as a cow-puncher, and then became a hard-working, circuit-riding, Methodist pastor. The love of his life, his wife Mildred, suffered from a brain tumor that took her life in 1969.  He missed her terribly.  He lost a son in the ‘70s and it almost crushed him.  But, gran…Read More

  4. What you need to know about Income Annuity Riders

    As George Forman stated, “It’s not how much money I have when I retire it is how much income I can receive.”  Receiving an extra income stream these days—above and beyond Social Security and absent of pensions—may sound very attractive to you, but it’s important that you understand all the critical facts you need to know. Right now, everyone in the annuity world is talking about the i…Read More

  5. LEGOs, Train Sets and Retirement Planning

    Do you get the same feeling I get when somebody tells you, “This is going to be easy?”  I start to think back to the boxes at Christmas that read, “Some assembly required.”  Right!  I spent hours trying to put together LEGOs, train sets, race-car tracks, and tricycles.  Okay, I am not the most mechanically gifted Boomer out there.  I got it.  But, “easy”?  Really? I am not sure …Read More

  6. Who Chooses the Risk in Your Retirement Planning?

    Like most of you, I remember the playground where I grew up and choosing sides for teams.  Standing in line, hoping to get picked (or not picked) by a certain team captain was always a little stressful, especially if you were chosen by the team you knew had no chance of winning!  The biggest problem was that I always preferred doing the choosing.  The reason is simple: I know what I’m getting…Read More

  7. Outliving Your Money in Retirement

    The greatest fear of most retirees is the risk of longevity: outliving their money. The meltdown of retirement accounts, rising medical costs, uncertain entitlement programs and higher taxes have added to the risk. Facing 30 years of retirement living on past savings and Social Security benefits is a scary reality. What can be done? To handle other unaffordable risks you buy insurance. The same co…Read More